Venturi eVault
Last a Lifetime

The eVault is a 10.75kWh home power bank. This patented, rechargeable Lithium-iron residential battery storage system is powered by ZeroNox Advanced Battery Technology. Within the battery system is an integrated hybrid inverter and a removable mobile-generator, the MULE (Mobile Utility Lithium Energy).


  • The EVAULT TEC20 is a 10.75kWh, patented, rechargeable Lithium-iron residential microgrid system powered by ZeroNox Advanced Technology.
  • The EVAULT can be used as a multi-functioning home energy storage, including for backup power, that can be tied into a combination of solar panels, wind turbines, and the power grid for efficient energy control
  • The 10.75kWh system is specifically designed to handle the demand of one day of electricity based on the average daily electricity consumption of the American standard household.
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