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Green electricity generation and nuclear farming

Nuclear Farming by Venturi

Imagine we can integrate and afix one or more gas-like molecules, say oxygen; into a fluid, say water; at a ratio ten (10) times more than predicted by the law of Henry.  All of this while endowing the water with an exceptional and new antioxidant character.  Filled with oxygen, one would expect the water to become an oxidant. With this new Antioxidant property, this molecularly-changed water becomes capable of neutralizing free radicals. Imagine addressing the central debate of a few of the contemporary questions surrounding cancer, or aging.

The central phenomenon of the fluid surface tension is radically decreased to a very low level. Here are some practical examples in different industries:

  • In pharmaceutics, we can utilize this characteristic to facilitate the absorption of medications;
  • In agriculture, it serves to reduce the need of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, and facilitates the increase of higher nutrients value;
  • And in big industry,  this allows the creation of chemical products, simply by the reduction (antioxidant) characteristic of this special water molecule made possible by this new penetrating fluid.

This special water molecule is created by transferring regular water into a reservoir, then cooled to the freezing point by way of thermal exchangers.  Next, we infuse the molecule with gas by micronizing the fluid into nano-particles.  We stabilize the new fluid by a triboelectric inductive charge in the millions volts. This process results in the capture and fixation of oxygen molecules in the water.  This repetitive bombardment of the electrons, yields a new antioxidant water molecule and its other uncommon properties.


  • Biogenesis technique.
  • Superior quality of seedlings.
  • Acidity and PH of plants well controlled. 
  • Water saving.
  • Saving of organic fertilizers.
  • No pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. 
  • Better root oxygenation. 
  • Very high absorption of nutrients.
  • More yield weight per square meter.
  • Very high yield.
  • Elevated quality of nutrients 
  • Completely automated system. 
  • Small footprint
  • Labor saving.
  • Easy, inexpensive maintenance

Farming locations underway. . . 

  • Miami, Florida
  • Moses Lake, Washington
  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire 
  • Austin, Texas
  • Montgomery, Alabama 
  • Springfield, Missouri 
  • Kauai, Hawaii
  • Salt Lake City, Utah 
  • Mirabel, Quebec 
  • Muscat, Oman

Yield Example:

50,000 square foot (140’ x 357’) greenhouse type operation

Using tomatoes as the example the Nuclear Farming and Omega power systems produce high-yield fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and greens.

One tomato plant (tree) grows to 20’ and provides 4-growing sessions unlike traditional farms of one growing session, and the plants don’t need to replaced.

One tomato tree in Venturi’s system produces 3,520 pounds of fruit in 4-growing sessions per year. 

Average market price of tomatoes per pound: $1.25
Average market price of organic tomatoes per pound: $1.83

*Does not include the cost of fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides for Traditional Farms.

Powered by Venturi Omega
Zero-Carbon Completely Green Renewable Electricity


The Omega I technology operates as a generator and at the same time operates as a Motor. Each of the coils is controlled by an advanced controller algorithm maximizing its efficiency and managing each coil independently. This means each coil can operate as a motor or a generator, switching on demand as needed, at any moment in time. The system begins to generate renewable electricity from an electrical impulse from a battery storage device. Once started, the system manages the coil arrays to propel the motor operation while generator coil arrays generate electricity.  This electricity is then stored in a battery system. The goal is to maintain the electricity in the battery for exporting to the end user application or power grid. The amount of storage is customizable to the individual Customers applications. The system is then capable of instantly adjusting electricity supply and distribution based upon the demand of end user application, micro-grid or power-grid.

Omega I is modular and can be configured simply by adding additional arrays for higher electricity production. Beginning at 1kW, OMEGA 1 is expandable to 100’s of megawatts.

Motor generator applications are currently in development with well known car and vehicle companies. They will use Omega I as the drivetrain, while simultaneously producing electricity to keep the vehicle moving.

The Venturi Omega Motor-Generator is Unique. . .

Our exclusive Magnetic-Flux design enables the control of the magnetic field while reducing loss which increases voltage and current. This means this captured energy can be put into movement. Venturi has radically improved electric motor-generator efficiency and eliminated the heat generation where it starts – overcoming the No.1 source of inefficient electricity production.

Imagine the most advanced control system activating any number of motor generators simultaneously as required for optimal output. 
Imagine changing their independent function for motor or generator within a hundredth of second “You just caught the vision of our motor generator capabilities and what we do.” Venturi, CEO.

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