Turbo Wind Turbine

Engineered to the Last Detail…

Wind is the fastest growing renewable energy resource in the world and is about to become the lowest-cost energy in the world through our energy extraction technology.

Our designs and concepts combine innovations from a range of novel technologies and age-old physics to produce advanced Green Energy solutions.  Our technology harvests as much power from the kinetic energy in the wind as is possible.

Science tells us it’s simple physics of raw power of the wind which goes up to the cube of its velocity. Wind Sciences uses a passive compound Venturi to increase the ambient wind speed up to 300%. We achieve an increase in the ambient raw power from 0.6kW per square meter to over 9kW per square meter to impact generator blades with more kinetic power.  A combination of compression creates very large increases in velocity-power at the Venturi throat increasing kinetic energy by multiples. This means much more electrical power is recovered from the wind stream and maximizes efficiency.  We apply age-old physics and compound aerodynamics, as well as, novel technologies to accomplish outstanding results.

When we designed the Wind Sciences accelerator wind turbine, we started with a blank slate.  This gave us the freedom to imagine something radical, something entirely different.  A wind turbine so efficient, so powerful, and so small.  It is a wind turbine designed for the future and available today.

Control Panel

  • Computerized Venturi Control Module
  • Controller Processor: Microprocessor
  • User Interface: SCADA / HMI
  • Communications: Ethernet, WiFi, mobile phone
  • Monitoring: LIDAR 

Generator: Permanent Magnet Direct Drive

  • High demand Delivery greater than 200kW
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Inverter Generator
  • Higher Efficiency
  • DC Output Standard + or – .05%
  • Brushless
  • Sparkless
  • Field Repairable
  • Field Configurable
  • Hazardous Environment Compatible
  • Multiple Voltage Independent Outputs

KW KVA @ .99+ Power Factor

Output 60 HZ – 50 HZ – Variable RPM

Begins to produce useable electricity in as little as 2 M/S

NO BIRD KILL – Environmentally Friendly

  • 1 — 3 Meter diameter turbine
  • Scalable
  • Type: Hybrid
  • 60% Efficiency
  • No Bird Kill
  • Weight: Varies
  • Material: Carbon Composite
  • Tower: Metal Composite
  • Foundation: Tensionless concrete
  • Cut-out Speed: 30 m/s (68 mph)
  • Rotor diameter: Variable 1 Meter — 20 Meter
  • Temperature Conditions: -10 to 40 C (-13 — 122F)
  • Survival Wind Speed: 50 m/s (110 mph)
  • Noise Performance: 30 – 35 db. At 30 m (100 ft.) (a computer is 40 db)
  • On-shore: Space required=less than 1 acre per 1 MW
  • Off-shore: Multi-use Platforms – Wind
  • Type: Accelerated Horizontal Axis
  • Rated Power: 3.3 MW
  • Rated Speed: 8 m/s (17 mph)
  • Cut-in Speed: 0.5 m/s (1.5 mph)

  • Design Class: IEC Class IIA
  • Design Standard: IEC 61400 – 1
  • Type: Variable Pitch
  • Drive: Electric
  • Brake: Electric
  • Rated Power: 2kW to 3.3MW
  • Max Power: 7.0 MW
  • Voltage: Variable
  • Power Inverter: Variable Frequency AC / DC
  • Voltage: Variable
  • Frequency/Phase: 50 / 60 Hz, 3ph


High Performance Technologies

Ground breaking technology from the ground up.  We’ve rethought everything from wind acceleration, new blade advancements, higher output generation, increased wind band operating range, to smaller size.  Together these features take wind turbines places where they have never been before. Wind Sciences accelerator turbines are much more efficient than traditional wind turbines.

We begin to extract power at a low 0.3 m/s wind speed and reach a Rated Power at only 8 m/s, then continue to harness power up to 30 m/s. This broader operating wind range represents a new bench mark for wind turbines.

The ambient wind is accelerated.  This accelerated wind results in an increase in the wind raw kinetic power.

Our advanced generator technology operates over a broader range of wind speeds.  With fewer moving parts, the simple permanent magnet design offers increased efficiency directly by minimizing energy losses and indirectly by reducing maintenance needs.  Our generator exceeds its rated power output.  Operating range from 0.5 m/s – 30 m/s. 

Advanced Blade Design – By an optimally designed profile and integrated efficiency technologies, our rotor achieves the lowest weight/power extraction blades in the Wind Turbine Industry. The rotor’s design advantages are: Production of higher rotational movement in lower wind speeds, reduced cut-in speeds of only 0.5 m/s. The rotor is manufactured with composite materials, tested with industry standard equipment, and quality controlled by industry leaders.

Data Monitoring — State-of-the-Art wind monitoring, data collection for site assessment, wind/air quality, and monitoring, our Patent Pending “No Wake Technology” assures  maximum Wind Farm profitability. 

Venturi PowerCell Energy Storage integrating state-of-the-art dual capacitor technologies and advanced energy storage technologies enables an increase in the efficiency of the Base Load Power supply to the power-grid. 

Multi Blade Pitch Control Technology.  By using our Patent Pending Pitch Technology we ensure we are extracting the maximum power from the wind at all speeds. This means we operate in lowest cut-in wind speeds and industry highest cut-out wind speeds increasing production.  

Environmentally friendly eliminating “bird-kill” and provides wildlife protection.  The turbine only requires 6-acres of land per turbine.  No noise and strobe effects, low carbon footprint, lower height, and very low water requirements.

The bottom line, for wind speed distributions, the Wind Sciences Turbo Wind Turbine Generator produces more energy over an extended period of time.

General Specifications

Type:  Hybrid

Material: Carbon Composite, 

Weight:  Varies

Support Frame:  Modular 

Material:  Metal 

Height: Varies

Foundation: Tensionless Concrete  

Rotor Diameter:  Variable from 2′ to 50′

Multi-blades:  Single and Dual rotors

Temperature Conditions: Standard Operational  -10 to 40 C (-13 to 122 F)

Environmental Universal

Survival Wind Speed:  50 m/s (110 mph)

Noise Performance: 30 – 35 db. At 30 m (100 ft.) (a computer is 40 db)

Applications: Still counting

On-shore:  Space required=less than 1 acre per 1 MW 

Off-shore:   Multi-use Platforms – Wind

Type:  Accelerated Horizontal Axis

Model:  WS – 3300 VWS

Rated Power:  3.3 MW

Rated Speed:  8 m/s (17 mph)

Cut-in Speed: 0.5 m/s (1.5 mph)

Cut-out Speed:  30 m/s (68 mph) 

Design Class: IEC Class IIA

Design Standard: IEC 61400 – 1     

Type:  Variable Pitch

Drive:  Electric, 

Brake: Electric 

Generator:  Permanent Magnet, Direct Drive, 

Rated Power: 3 kW to 3.3 MW 

Max Power:  7.0 MW 

Voltage:  Variable

Power Inverter: Variable Frequency  AC / DC 

Voltage:  Variable

Frequency/Phase:  50 / 60 Hz 3ph

Controller Processor:  Microprocessor

User Interface:  SCADA / HMI

Communications:  Ethernet, mobile phone

Monitoring:  LIDAR 


  • High efficiency, more electrical power for a given mechanical input.
  • Broad wind speed operating range, more electricity produced over a given time.
  • Improved reliability.

Light Years Ahead  But that wasn’t our goal.  We simply set out to extract as much raw kinetic energy from the wind as possible.  

Off-shore provides over 2 times of the available wind velocity as on-shore applications.  Our accelerator turbines are designed to generate additional electricity by continuing to increase production exponentially, as the wind velocity increases well beyond our name plate rating.  In addition, as the velocity increases, our motor generator technologies activate to produce even more electricity.  We effectively produce much more power in the same space.

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